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We Welcome MOST PPO Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance can go a long way towards helping make important oral healthcare (including orthodontic services) much more affordable for patients and families! That’s why Huntington Orthodontics is proud to be in-network with most major PPO insurances. Our knowledgeable team members will handle all of the necessary paperwork, help you maximize deserved benefits, and answer any and all questions you have about coverage. To learn more about dental insurance, you can also continue reading below for additional insight:

Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

It’s easy to think that medical insurance and dental insurance are simply two sides of the same coin – but this isn’t the case at all! Medical insurance is designed as more reactive in nature; patients receive the vast majority of their monetary benefits when serious injuries or illnesses occur that require a large amount of care. On the other hand, dental insurance is designed to be much more preventive. By covering the cost of regular checkups and cleanings at 100%, chances are much higher that any concerns will be successfully caught and treated before they can cause significant damage. This results in more saved money in your wallet and a happier, stronger smile as well!

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

When it comes to coverage for orthodontic services, every dental insurance plan is a little different. Dr. Justyna strongly encourages patients to confirm their available benefits with their provider before committing to any treatment, and we can help with this process as well. Here is some important information to keep in mind:

  • Most insurance plans only offer partial orthodontic treatment coverage to patients under the age of 18.
  • If braces are only requested for cosmetic purposes, it’s a virtual certainty that no benefits will be provided. However, if there is a medical need for the procedure (such as a misaligned jaw or difficulty with chewing) it’s much more likely for coverage to be available.
  • Some orthodontic plans do not cover braces if you or your child received them before the policy actually began. That’s why we recommend trying to keep the same insurance throughout the duration of treatment.

You will be provided with a comprehensive pre-treatment estimate before any scheduled procedures begin, which will include the estimated copayment, out-of-pocket cost, and provided coverage from your insurance company.