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Orthodontic Appliances – Huntington, NY

Comfortable, Customized & Smile-Inducing

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The word “orthodontics” surely brings up an image of metal braces in your mind, but there are actually several other appliances that fall under this umbrella too! Whether Dr. Justyna needs to stabilize a patient’s positive results following traditional treatment or guide the growth of a child’s developing jaw, these high-quality devices can go a long way towards helping you or your loved one enjoy healthier, happier teeth. Contact Huntington Orthodontics today if you’d like to learn more, or if you’re ready to schedule a first appointment.

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Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Removable Retainers

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After braces are removed, it’s very likely that teeth will try to return to their natural positions – that’s where a retainer comes in! Removable retainers will fit into place tightly over your teeth and keep them safely in their improved positions. For the first few months after your treatment plan is complete, Dr. Justyna will want you to wear them all day and night. After that period is complete, nightly use is strongly recommended for life. This style of retainer is easy to wear, easy to clean, and can last for up to a decade without the need for a replacement!

Fixed Retainers

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Fixed or permanent retainers can be the right fit for certain patients. For instance, if a patient once had a large space between their two upper front teeth, this style of appliance can be very successful in keeping that space closed over the years. As the name implies, fixed retainers are not designed to be removed from the mouth by the patient. One benefit of this approach is that patients won’t have to remember to put it in on a daily or nightly basis – it’s already keeping your new smile safe at all times!

Palatal Expander

Hand holding a clear alignment tray

If a younger patient’s upper jaw is too constricted, Dr. Justyna may recommend the use of a palatal expander. Expanders are cemented onto the molars (back teeth) so that they can gradually expand the developing jaw’s width over time in a safe, consistent way. There are many valuable benefits to this early intervention, including stronger chewing function, less risk of overcrowded teeth, and a more beautiful smile.

Thumb Crib

Sleeping child sucking thumb

A thumb crib (more formally referred to as a “fixed palatal crib”) is a special kind of appliance that will help stop harmful non-nutritive habits. The apparatus is mostly hidden from view in everyday life, but its wires will make the sensation of thumb-sucking just uncomfortable enough to dissuade your son or daughter from continuing it over time and unintentionally causing teeth to become misaligned. In most cases, Dr. Justyna will recommend that a thumb crib is worn from nine months to a full year.