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iTero Digital Impressions – Huntington, NY

The Modern Solution for Capturing Your Smile

A digital image of a row of teeth scanned using the iTero.

Your smile is incredibly unique. Not only does our team have to understand its current characteristics as closely as possible, but we have to make predictions on how your teeth will shift over time. As orthodontists, predicting and influencing your teeth’s growing patterns is what makes orthodontics work. With the iTero digital impression system, we’re able to make your next treatment not just more comfortable, but predictable as well. At Huntington Orthodontics, you can experience a truly more enjoyable treatment process. Contact us to get started!

What is iTero?

An image of a 3D digital impression displayed on a monitor.

iTero is a company that specializes in digital scanning technology. While there are multiple iTero products to choose from, they all generally accomplish the same task: gathering detailed information about your teeth for the orthodontist. It’s technology is essentially designed to replace more analog methods of impression capture, including the use of gray, putty-like material that patients need to bite into. For many, this process is not particularly comfortable. Thankfully, alternatives like the iTero are available to Dr. Balicka.

How Does a Digital Impression Scanner Work?

AA patient smiling and pointing at her smile while listening to a dentist.

The device itself comes in two parts. This includes the handheld wand that’s placed inside of the mouth for capture and the base station where the monitor is attached. The station is where the orthodontist will actively examine the 3D image of your smile.

In order to create this 3D image, the iTero scanner takes hundreds of photos of your teeth and surrounding gum tissue. These photos are then compiled together and utilized to create your future orthodontic appliance. The process only takes a few minutes to complete, so you can expedite the overall process and ensure fewer mistakes along the way!

Is the iTero Safe to Use?

A person holding an Invisalign tray.

Unlike digital X-rays, the iTero is completely radiation-free. While digital X-rays are necessary for long-term-preventive care and dentists always take the necessary precautions to protect you and your family, the iTero does not emit any radiation whatsoever. Think of it as like a more advanced camera designed specifically for your smile.

What are the Benefits of iTero?

There are many benefits to consider when it comes to iTero technology. To start, you won’t have to bite into gray putty material just to capture a detailed model of your teeth. Furthermore, putty can still bubble when bitten into, making it completely unusable. If this happens, you’ll be forced to complete the process all over again. The iTero helps us avoid these inconvenient complications.

Additionally, because the technology is so advanced, we can actually capture more accurate images of your smile than any traditional impression material can. So whether you need a 3D model for a series of Invisalign trays or a for a custom-made orthodontic appliance, we can ensure that it will fit comfortably and provide effective treatment in the long-term.