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Invisalign® Teen – Huntington, NY

Improving Smiles and Boosting Confidence

If your son or daughter is self-conscious about their appearance but needs orthodontic treatment to fix a crooked smile or misaligned bite, the last thing they’ll want to wear is metal brackets and wires. Fortunately, at Huntington Orthodontics, we can provide Invisalign® Teen, which is a more subtle solution that produces faster results! With Invisalign® Teen, your teen will not have to sacrifice their daily appearance to achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to showing you and your teen just how beneficial this method of treatment can be!

Why Invisalign is a Great Option for Teenagers

A young female teenager holding an aligner to straighten her smile as part of her treatment with Invisalign in Huntington

If your teen is living with minor gaps, overcrowding, or a problematic overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, Invisalign may be a possible solution. These clear, plastic aligners are designed in such a way that your teen can feel more confident pursuing orthodontic treatment without the shining spotlight of metal brackets and wires.

Because teenagers ages 13-19 are often self-conscious about the way they look, traditional orthodontic methods are less desirable. However, once your child learns they are eligible to receive Invisalign, you will notice a dramatic difference in the way they look and feel over time, giving them the self-confidence needed to excel in school and extracurricular activities. Not to mention, they are an ideal solution if your teen plays sports or an instrument. Why? Because they can be removed before the big game or concert, allowing them to worry less about potentially damaging their tray and play with complete confidence.  

How Does Invisalign for Teens Work?

A male teenager wearing a gray shirt and holding a clear Invisalign aligner

The process for Invisalign Teen begins with a scheduled consultation with your child’s orthodontist. Once Dr. Justyna examines their oral and facial structures, she will create a personalized treatment plan that outlines the process, the number of aligners needed, and a complete timeline for achieving desired results.

Your teen will then have digital impressions taken of their smile, which will be sent to a dental lab where technicians will begin to create their personalized aligners. Once the trays are ready (typically within a few weeks), we will provide your teenager with their customized trays and detailed instructions on how long to wear them each day as well as when it is time to swap out their current aligners for the next set in the series. Invisalign Teen aligners come with blue indicators that fade to white when worn regularly. This helps remind your teen when it is time to switch to the next set.

Throughout treatment, your teen will be expected to keep regular appointments with Dr. Justyna to allow her to review their progress and make sure the aligners are being worn as they should.

How Invisalign Teen is Different from Regular Invisalign

An up-close image of a young female holding an Invisalign aligner in her right hand

Invisalign Teen works much in the same as traditional Invisalign; however, there are a few key differences:

  • Your teen will receive a larger number of replacement aligners, as they are often more prone to losing or damaging a tray.
  • There are blue indicator dots on each tray that fade to white over time, serving as a reminder of when it is time to switch to a new set in the series.

Otherwise, your teen can expect to follow the same type of process that an adult would experience while wearing Invisalign clear aligners.

Benefits for Teens

An up-close look at the top and bottom Invisalign aligners used to straighten a patient’s smile
  • Greater flexibility: If your teen is in the band, they can remove their tray to create a clearer sound while playing the trumpet or flute. They can also more easily wear a protective mouthguard while playing sports because their aligner is removed and placed in a protective case, safeguarding their smile and their Invisalign tray.
  • Fewer food restrictions: Most teens do not like being told they cannot eat a particular food, especially because of braces. Fortunately, because Invisalign aligners must be removed before eating or drinking, your teen can enjoy their favorite foods while undergoing treatment.
  • No irritation: While metal braces can rub against the cheeks, tongue, lips, and gums, Invisalign is clear and smooth, making it less irritable to your teen’s soft oral tissues.
  • Faster results: Depending on the severity of their initial dental problem, there is a good chance that your teen will see results much quicker than if being treated with traditional braces.
  • Better oral health: Invisalign allows for better oral health. How? Your child’s teeth will be straighter, and their bite will be more perfectly aligned, both of which allow for more effective cleaning when brushing and flossing.